The Value of Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Training for Management and Employees POSH Training:

To Know the Basics Due to the recent rise in sexual harassment lawsuits, employers of all sizes have been more interested in the what, why, and how of prevention of sexual harassment (POSH)training. Sexual harassment of women at work is illegal and should not be tolerated by any company or employer. By holding POSH training, your company may promote equity and better working connections, giving all of its employees a superior work environment.

POSH Training - What Is It?

A statute known as the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act of 2013 was passed. The POSH Act works to stop and shield women from sexual harassment at work. Organizations adopt the POSH training session as a tool to inform staff members about sexual harassment of women at work and raise awareness of everything that it entails. The POSH awareness training also clarifies the proper course of action to take in the event of an incident involving oneself or a group of co-workers. On-time training helps preserve a positive workplace culture while also avoiding legal issues.

Why is POSH training crucial?

It's crucial to provide your staff with POSH training so they are aware of the law and the repercussions of breaking it within the company. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the training so that both men and women may learn what is and is not appropriate in the workplace.

Sometimes a woman is unsure whether a specific incident qualifies as sexual harassment or not. Coworkers occasionally desire to assist but are unsure of the legislation. For this reason, POSH awareness training is essential in every organization to safeguard women's rights and uphold a top-notch working atmosphere conducive to success and growth.

It is usually preferable to select the eLearning mode to guarantee consistency in POSH training online at your firm because it will give employees on-time training continuity.


We make the Sexual Harassment at Workplaces (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act of 2013 more understandable, assist with its end-to-end implementation in workplaces, and guarantee that enterprises are in compliance with the PoSH Law. Every business has an ethical duty to keep all of its employees safe on the job. Compliance must also be guaranteed with the implementation of the PoSH Act of 2013.

However, it could be difficult for any organization to manage the practical aspects of implementation while negotiating the legal framework. Here's where Concept Of Living Charitable Trust comes into play. Our goal is to make the Act's provisions easier to grasp so that you can work with us to execute it completely.

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